Tyler Saint Tops Tyler Ford

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It’s two times as hot when Tyler Ford meets Tyler Saint and these similarly-named studs get naked and nasty. It’s easy to keep them straight (so to speak) by the size of their cocks. Don’t get us wrong…they’re both very well-endowed. It’s just that one of them is especially thick! Tyler F takes in the head of his buddy’s dick and makes it down the shaft, to a point. It takes lots of patience and oral practice but he starts to get the hang of it after he’s shown how it’s done! Tyler S clearly loves everything about sex and keeps things nice and wet with his spit and there’s enough butt licking to hint at what’s to come. It’s a nice surprise to see how he’s able to open up Tyler F’s tight hole with his 8-incher, getting inside in several positions until the cum-a-licious climax.

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