Jake and Rick McCoy get dirty

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I am a huge fan of Rick McCoy and based on the response I’ve received, so are you! On a warm, sunny afternoon before our scheduled shoot, Rick was helping clean up the weeds at my ranch. Wearing a tank top, jeans and sweat, Rick was a fantasy come true. With my hand-held camera recording every move, I coaxed him into stripping down to cool off (it didn’t take much convincing). Rick started jacking while sitting on a big piece of wood and when he turned around to show off his cute ass it was covered in mud! Man did we laugh.

Rick coaxed me to join him in the mud (it didn’t take much convincing). I put the camera down on a haystack and got naked. We played around in the very cold mud like two little piggies. Being outdoors in the sun really turned Rick on and he shot his first load.

After cleaning up we hit the bed…only to get dirty again (so to speak). After some hot kissing and sucking, I gladly let Rick thrust his hard dick inside me. Previously, I was lucky to top his tight ass, and he vengefully fucked me hard. But I’m a giver so I spread my legs wide for him to plunge deep into my hole. Rick shoots his second load all over my face before I shoot my own. Can’t wait to get down and dirty with Rick again!

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