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Can Brian Banks, an All-American boy who has, up to this point, done only straight porn, hang with the other team? That’s the question the two of us set out to answer and, as you’re about to see, Brian can not only “hang” but he’s very hung as well! I stripped Brian down to his shorts (check out the array of tattoos he’s so proud of), pulled his cock out and swallowed and sucked on that meat until it grew inside my mouth. As everyone knows by now, I love playful sex and Brian is good-natured and laughs easily. He laid back on the bed and I continued to orally service him, my face planted between his legs. Brian put his ass in the air and he seemed to love getting it rimmed as much I enjoyed doing it. I mixed in some toe-sucking for good measure before burning lots of calories getting my face fucked. And speaking of calories, Brian’s cum ended up all over my tongue. Tasty.


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