Ali Massaged

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It’s always a turn-on to massage a guy like Ali who takes care of his body and is able to relax on the table, completely uninhibited.  I walk in, lightly touch his back, legs and feet and then gently rub his scalp.  I can’t resist his ass. I begin to finger his hole a little and then bury my face inside his crack.  When I feel him reach out his hand to stroke my erection, I knew my massage technique was giving the desired effect! Ali flips on his back and I climb on the table to greet his hairy hole with my tongue.  I then do a little hot-dogging with my dick before getting back to the massage. I oil up Ali’s compact muscled body and work out all the tension (except the sexual kind!). To cap things off, I stroke his cock, suck a little and, finally, jack him off to a creamy white finish.

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