Fratmen: Luke 2

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Fratmen Luke 2

Fratmen Luke 2

Fratmen Luke 2

Fratmen Luke is back for a little ball-in-hand action! After working up a sweat in a public park, he’s feeling horny and just can’t wait to get home. Instead, he retires to a lone park bench and rubs one out with would-be onlookers nearby!

Fratmen Luke 2

Fratmen Luke 2

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6 Responses to "Fratmen: Luke 2"
  1. i_am_cumslut i_am_cumslut says:

    he is so much hotter than what that first photo led me to believe… i wanna trace that v in his waist with my tongue please

    • Xtian Xtian says:

      HE IS! Wow I can’t believe I missed him before. I’ve even commented on nearby posts but I don’t think I ever opened this one. AND YEAH THAT LETTER V!!!

  2. i_am_cumslut i_am_cumslut says:

    lol i dont even know what do you call that v thingy

  3. Fierysoul23 Fierysoul23 says:

    Woah that body is amazingly hot!

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