Fratmen: Kip

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Fratmen Kip

Fratmen Kip

Fratmen Kip

Nothing says “summer is just around the corner” better than spring training, and no sport’s equipment is easier to compare to the male anatomy than the bats and balls of baseball. So at the risk of ignoring his smooth firm butt, we’d like to encourage you to watch Fratmen Kip swing his big hard bat and knock his balls right out of the park. No strikes here…

Fratmen Kip

Fratmen Kip

*Video:fratmen kip

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4 Responses to "Fratmen: Kip"
  1. Xtian Xtian says:

    That cock can no doubt hit a homerun.

  2. nate19 nate19 says:

    hnngg… cute but strong-looking

  3. Damon Damon says:

    Can I “KIP” you?

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