Fratmen: Clayton/Ford

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Fratmen Clayton/Ford

Fratmen Clayton/Ford

Fratmen Clayton/Ford

Fratmen boys do love to work out… and take showers… and, well, help each other out now and then. Sometimes it just feels better to have someone else stroking your dick. Ford has already had some experience with buddy blowjobs, but this it Clayton’s first time. Rumor has it there’s more to cum on FratmenSUCKS!

Fratmen Clayton/Ford

Fratmen Clayton/Ford

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3 Responses to "Fratmen: Clayton/Ford"
  1. eric eric says:

    love it when the guys fucking are equally hot
    whenever there’s one in the video that’s less attractive than the other, the experience is ruined for me. i dunno. i just find it distracting i guess if their level of hotness isnt quite matching.

    • DAMON DAMON says:

      I totally get what you mean. It’s totally distracting. I tend to stop watching a video just because I don’t like one of the guys. I don’t care how big your dick or how fine your ass is. If you don’t look attractive enough, I’m done. Doesn’t matter if the other guy is the hottest ever.

  2. John B. John B. says:

    I always wonder what it feels lyk to be fuckd in the ass whyl sucking another cock. hehe. sanwiched by hot guys i want these two. hehe. dream cum true.

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