Pauly Pamano in "Gonzo"

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About “Gonzo: Pauly Pamano works my cock with his mouth and tongue in this point of view video. Looking down it’s exactly what every man wants to see, a hottie sucking his dick and giving his nuts a nice tongue bath. The scruffy twink gets me so worked up that I bust a nut in his mouth, and then he blows his load on my cock and laps up and swallows his own thick cum.

About Pauly Pamano: Pauly Pamano is brand new to porn and to bisexuality, and you get to see his first bottoming experience here. During January 2011 he performed in a couple of straight scenes. In February he was offered to top in a couple of gay videos, and discovered he enjoyed it. He was hesitant when I offered a video bottoming for me, but he went for it, so you get to see his first bottoming experience.Pauly is full of life, always smiling and laughing, and he is great fun to have on set.

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