Mathew Ross in "Toy Fuck"

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About “Toy Fuck: Mathew Ross has become Prague’s latest pass-around bottom boy, but I think people lose focus of how stunning this muscle jock really is, so I wanted to focus on Mathew pleasuring himself with a toy. It didn’t take long for Mathew to get hard just by stroking and rubbing his hole. Soon enough his ass is propped in the air and he’s finger fucking his hairy hole good and hard. When three fingers isn’t enough he pulls out a dildo and sits on it, enjoying the ride. Finally he rolls over and fucks the cum out of his cock by ramming the toy in his ass.

About Mathew Ross: Mathew Ross blew me away when I first saw him. The college muscle jock is a semi-pro hockey player and a club maniac who loves going to the gay bars and dancing until they close.Although he has a nice size cock, he said, ‘I prefer bottoming because it makes the sex so much better for me. I love feeling a man’s cock deep inside me.’And who wouldn’t fuck Mathew, with those baby blues and cocksucker’s lips, muscular arms and chest, and sweet hairy butt?

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