Jon Taylor in "Holiday Gonzo"

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About “Holiday Gonzo: Jon Taylor called and said, ‘I’m beyond horny and I’m on my way over to suck you off!’ I asked, ‘Are you going swallow?’ He replied, ‘Consider it an early present.’ Within seconds of arrival he had stripped completely nude, wearing nothing but a Santa hat and a hard on. Then he tugged off my clothes, pushed me back on the couch and stood over me jacking his cock. Almost immediately he busted a nut on my chest and went down and lapped it up. Then the scruffy twink worked my cock with his expert mouth. The blow job felt amazing and by the time he dropped to my nuts I could no longer hold back, blasting his tonsils with cum. What made this present so fucking hot is that Jon never swallows. Well, once and he said never again. Then the boy showed up at my door and swallowed both of our loads. See end for outtakes.

About Jon Taylor: Jon Taylor is a scruffy versatile gay twink who loves sucking dick. Admittedly a size queen, if he meets a muscular man with a huge cock he willingly serves up his ass and mouth. But if the guy is average in size and stature then Jon likes being in control, dominating his bottom’s holes.He recently got out of a long term relationship. Smirking, he said, ‘I’ve been sluttly lately. Real slutty. I’m constantly horny and looking for cock. I’m making up for lost time.’

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