James Baldwin in "Back for More"

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About “Back for More: It’s been two years since I’ve manhandled James Baldwin’s straight ass so I invited him back to see if I could push him a little further. Last time oral was off the table, so this time I went down on him and licked his cock without warning. I definitely caught him off guard, but he didn’t freak, so I waited a little while before I dove down again and sucked him, taking his whole cock in my mouth. And after he came I had him swallow it again. His reaction and facial expressions are priceless! What I’ve learned with James is that conversation diverts his attention from the fact that I’m sticking a dildo up his ass, so there is a lot of cross talk in this video. Chalk up another success at easing this married man one step closer toward full on gay sex 🙂

About James Baldwin: James Baldwin is a hot tight German guy with a taut ass that he packs into a size 28 jeans. Yes, the kind of ass that you can easily cup in two hands, nicely spread and run your tongue along the crack.As you can see from the pics he has these incredible abs and oblique. And those deep blue eyes that engage you.When James first submitted himself it was for partial nudity only. After a small chat he relaxed into the idea of full frontal. Then, after shooting two videos, he asked, “When do you want me to jack off?”I asked if his wife knew what he was doing, he replied, “She knows I’m doing a nude shoot, just not to what extent.”

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