Jack Jagger in "Real Sex"

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About “Real Sex: Jack Jagger called, saying, ‘I can’t stop thinking about you fucking me! It hurt a lot but now I kind of know what to expect and I want to try again! Wanna hook up? Please? I can sneak out for a few hours tomorrow night.’ Okay, so what would you do if a straight guy called and begged for you to fuck him? Other than that one time he exchanged blow jobs in a parking lot with a buddy, you’re the only guy he’s ever been with, and you popped his cherry. Plus there’s the added hotness of having to meet on the down low because of his girlfriend and children. Of course I said yes, and here it is! Jack Jagger is fun to fuck around with because he is so real and his emotions are so raw. You know exactly what he’s thinking and feeling, whether it be pleasure, pain or ecstasy, just by his expressions and watching his body language. Moments prior to starting, Jack said, ‘Can we kiss this time? I love kissing and last time you didn’t kiss me at all.’ So there’s about four minutes of passionate kissing and foreplay as we undress. After I get him naked, I suck his big cock, swallowing him so deep that my nose is pressed into his pubes. Then I munch down on Jack’s ass, another first for him! He’s never been rimmed before, and my pleasure of eating his very hairy hole drove him wild. I savored that moment. There’s something extremely hot about eating out a hole that has never been shaved, trimmed or manscaped in any capacity. And I wanted to see what that felt like on my cock, so I lowered his legs and ran my cock along that hairy crack. Heaven! Then it was time to give Jack what he had come for, cock! I love looking down and watching a straight guy sucking my cock, knowing that he’s enjoying it. When he was ready, Jack sat on my dick and rode it. He was completely in control, taking it slow and getting used to it, and finally riding it a bit harder. After he had relaxed enough, I had him role on his back, and that was when I really fucked him, taking his ass in a couple more positions. Jack loves swallowing cum, so I blew my load in his mouth, and since he loves kissing we snowballed. Moments later he dumped his load, and being a cum hungry straight boy, licked his fingers clean. After he showered and dressed, he asked, ‘When can we do it again?’ Let me know if you like Jack. I’d gladly fuck him again 🙂

About Jack Jagger: Jack Jagger responded to an open casting call with ‘I’m an anal virgin but would love to lose it doing a male film!’ He and a buddy had exchanged blow jobs, but other than that one time he has never done anything with a guy. Jack’s look is unique to the site. He’s tall, very thin, and good looking, but definitely not a twink. He’s a little too rough for me to consider him a twink. He has beautiful blue eyes, and for those of you who like natural body hair, he lacks any manscaping. His thick treasure trail is to die for. His personality is what makes his videos. And when he’s nervous he talks and laughs, so there is a lot of cross talk and laughter in his videos. He considers himself straight, but wants to know if gay anal sex has anything to offer. He has been with the same woman on again, off again, for eight years, since their freshman year of high school, and they have two children together. I asked if she knew that he blew a guy, and he looked panicked, blurting, ‘No! And she has no idea I’m trying anal with you, either.’ I asked, ‘What happens if she finds out?’ ‘I guess we’ll be off again,’ he replied.

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