Hunter in "First Time Fucked"

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About “First Time Fucked: The one and only time Hunter will ever bottom, exclusively on Drake Rock! Hunter is the epitome of masculinity, with a muscular hairy body, handsome boyish features, a thick cut cock, and perfect ass. When Hunter told me he would bottom I let out an audible ‘Yes!’ with my arms in the air much like my favorite team had just scored! He was always one of those unobtainable straight men that I fantasized about fucking. Patience pays off! Ever since I met Hunter, more than two years prior when he was just 18, he’s been adamant in saying that he would never ever bottom. He had tried it once and it hurt so bad that he would never consider it again. Flash forward a couple of years and Hunter wanted to buy some professional video equipment. I made him an offer, explaining in great detail how we would slowly prepare him, and after a looooong silence he finally agreed. Within a week my cock was buried deep inside his muscular ass. This video starts with a snippet from his bottoming prep as he explains that this is actually his first time getting fucked. Virtually the rest of the video is of my cock in his ass. I mean, that’s what you’re here to see, right?!? Hunter eases into his first experience by sitting on my cock and riding. It doesn’t take long before he’s bouncing wildly on my shaft. Then I nail him missionary, pushing his legs this way and that to give you the best views of my cock pounding his hole. After I lived out my fantasy, I pulled out and finger fucked the cum out of him, then sucked his big cock and took his cum in my mouth. Finally, I blast his face with one of my facials.

About Hunter: If you are into young hairy jocks, hotness has arrived! Meet 18 year old straight guy Hunter who has stunning blue eyes, a huge furry chest, a great hairy ass, and a personality to boot!Prior to shooting with me, Hunter had done one solo, one worship, and one action video. And I’m glad he did, because he was incredibly relaxed and completely enthusiastic about doing whatever I suggested.I like guys who are enthusiastic while shooting, the ones I know genuinely love having sex in front of the camera. That was Hunter!Hunter admitted to bottoming once, ‘I hated it! I’m too tight. Plus, this chick finger fucked me once and I was sore for days. I just don’t like things in my ass!’ So I figured I would get to play with his ass cheeks, but no finger fucking. It took a long time for me to slowly and gently work a finger in Hunter’s ass, and as I did Hunter was moaning and groaning with pleasure.

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