Hunter Conan in "Solo with Wrench"

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About “Solo with Wrench: Hunter Conan contacted me, saying, ‘I’m horny and I’m going to fuck myself with a bike pedal wrench. You want me to film it?’Hell yes!The college jock starts out clothed and strips, teasing you. When he is completely nudes he bends over and rubs his mushroom head against his hole. He gets comfortable on the bed and strokes his cock for a while. Grabbing the bicycle pedal wrench, he works it with his mouth before sliding it in his butt.He pumps himself pretty deep and with the wrench buried inside his ass he shoots a thick creamy load.What I love about Hunter is that he’s into cum, and pulled every last spurt from his hair and ate it.

About Hunter Conan: If you are into young hairy jocks, hotness has arrived! Meet 18 year old straight guy Hunter who has stunning blue eyes, a huge furry chest, a great hairy ass, and a personality to boot!Prior to shooting with me, Hunter had done one solo, one worship, and one action video. And I’m glad he did, because he was incredibly relaxed and completely enthusiastic about doing whatever I suggested.I like guys who are enthusiastic while shooting, the ones I know genuinely love having sex in front of the camera. That was Hunter!Hunter admitted to bottoming once, ‘I hated it! I’m too tight. Plus, this chick finger fucked me once and I was sore for days. I just don’t like things in my ass!’ So I figured I would get to play with his ass cheeks, but no finger fucking. It took a long time for me to slowly and gently work a finger in Hunter’s ass, and as I did Hunter was moaning and groaning with pleasure.

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