Dick Handler, Jack Coxx and Kyle Butler in "Massage Gone Wild!"

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About “Massage Gone Wild!: Fuck this is hot! I love that Kyle Butler is a submissive cum glutton! After servicing Dick Handler and Jack Coxx’s asses and hard ons, he eats and swallows all three thick creamy loads of cum in this video. By far, this is the hottest fuckless video on the site! The sexual tension between the guys is through the roof. Considering two of the guys are straight I was expecting some awkward moments, but there weren’t any. All three guys were completely comfortable with each other and did what came naturally. I merely picked the best angles to shoot through the tangle of arms, legs and cocks as they pleased each other. This is Part Two of three, and picks up where ‘Four Handed Erotic Massage’ left off. All three guys cum in this video.

About Kyle Butler: Introducing Kyle Butler, a kinky adventurous bi curious guy who loves being submission, taking toys deep in his ass, sucking cock, and dirty talk. Except for a lot of toy play, Kyle is an anal virgin, and he wants to lose his ‘A Card’ in real life before getting fucked on camera. The upside is that he just started dating a girl and if she bangs him with a strap on, he considers that losing his A Card, and at that point he’ll come back and let me man fuck his virgin ass 🙂 What I like about Kyle is that he’s extremely creative, carefree, wildly open, and willing to try anything as long as it doesn’t cause permanent bodily harm, so as time goes on I’ll see what limits we can push with this hairy newcomer.See Kyle Butler exclusively on Drake Rock.

About Jack Coxx: Jack Coxx is ‘straight with a twist’! ‘In my personal life I only have sex with women,’ said Jack, ‘but I’m jacking off guys and letting them touch me when I massage them, so that’s the twist.’ ‘Why do you provide happy endings?’ I asked. ‘It pays so much better than theraputic massage,’ Jack replied. ‘And it’s just skin. If I can rub a guy everywhere else I sure as hell can help him rub one out. I’ve jacked myself off thousands of times. What’s the difference?’ When I booked Jack for the four-handed massage we agreed to mutual touch, as well as Jack getting sucked and getting rimmed. Kissing Kyle came as a huge shock. I was shooting somewhere else and when I looked up they were totally macking on each other. I almost missed the initial kiss. Afterward I asked, ‘Have you ever kissed a guy?’ He smiled. ‘It’s part of the twist.’ When I asked what else he would do, he replied, ‘I did everything I’m willing to for you.’See Jack Coxx exclusively on Drake Rock.

About Dick Handler: Introducing Dick Handler, a straight man who recently started offering erotic massages. When a member sent me his ad I knew I had to get him on the site, somehow. Dick has worked as an RMT for a number of years. Recently he resigned from the place where he worked giving therapeutic reflexology, and soon discovered he could make a hell of a lot more money offering erotic rub downs with happy endings. Other than mutual touch during his massages, and of course total release of his clients, he has never done anything sexual with a man. When I contacted Dick, I assured him that I would stay within his comfort zone. I told him as long as he came I didn’t care what happened during the shoot. He thought it would be fun and agreed. He is very outgoing, a bit of an exhibitionist, and extremely outgoing. He has great hands, and he’s just fucking hot.See Dick Handler exclusively on Drake Rock.

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