Dick Handler in "I Got Him Off!"

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About “I Got Him Off!: This is the Dick Handler you’ve come to know and love! I turned the tables by giving him a massage, and it is the first time Dick Handler got off in the hands of another man! He is so ease in this video, talking, joking, and completely himself. I start by working his back and ass. I wasn’t sure if I would take off my underwear in this video, but while I massaged his ass I got so hard that I took them off. What I’ve learned about Dick is that I should never ask, just do. In the past he’s been strict about ‘no cock near my ass’ so rubbed my shaft across his ass check and crack, making it part of the massage. Then I work his front side, enjoying his chest, stomach and arms before working my way down to his cock. Is there anything better than sucking a straight man’s hard on? Okay, maybe his cock in your ass or yours in his, but Dick isn’t quite ready for that. After a nice long taste of him cock I stroke him again and he starts jacking me, eventually lifting a leg on my shoulder. Fuck, his hole was exposed and my dick was RIGHT THERE. What I wouldn’t give… He grab my head and led my mouth to his cock again. The I jerked the masseurs’ pole until he blew a thick creamy load of cum. Damn it was hot! Be sure to stick around after the copyright. Just for something different I handed Dick the video camera while I sucked him. It didn’t fit with the rest of the video. It’s priceless and I had to share it.

About Dick Handler: Introducing Dick Handler, a straight man who recently started offering erotic massages. When a member sent me his ad I knew I had to get him on the site, somehow. Dick has worked as an RMT for a number of years. Recently he resigned from the place where he worked giving therapeutic reflexology, and soon discovered he could make a hell of a lot more money offering erotic rub downs with happy endings. Other than mutual touch during his massages, and of course total release of his clients, he has never done anything sexual with a man. When I contacted Dick, I assured him that I would stay within his comfort zone. I told him as long as he came I didn’t care what happened during the shoot. He thought it would be fun and agreed. He is very outgoing, a bit of an exhibitionist, and extremely outgoing. He has great hands, and he’s just fucking hot.See Dick Handler exclusively on Drake Rock.

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