Danys Hock in "Solo"

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About “Solo: Introducing Danys Hock in his debut video. Danys is one of those men you can’t stop looking at. Everything about him is perfect, from his uncut cock and muscular ass to those arms, nipples and chest, and his perfectly chiseled features and engaging blue eyes. When Danys signed on he was explicit about ‘no ass anything’, so mountains had to be moved in order for him to bend over, spread his humpy ass cheeks and show you his hot tight hole. Danys was nervous as fuck, but like most men, once he got into the feeling of playing with his cock he relaxed a bit. And when he busts a nut, it splatters on his stomach begging for someone to lick it up and swallow. Do you want the honor?

About Danys Hock: Introducing Danys Hock, a straight, blue eye, blond muscular athlete making his porn debut.When I asked why he wanted to do porn, he said, ‘I think people will appreciate my body. I work hard at it in the gym and playing sports. And I like jacking off.’Do you ever catch people checking you out, I asked. ‘At the gym, especially in the showers. Some guys stare at my cock.’Do you have sex with a lot of women? ‘I date one girl since college and I only have sex with her.’Does she know you’re doing this? ‘I’m using money to surprise her with a ring. I think she will not care when she sees it.’Come watch Danys jack off and blow his load for you.

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