Dan Decklin and Trent Diesel in "Dan Fucks Trent"

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About “Dan Fucks Trent: This was Dan Decklin’s first experience topping a guy and the way he fucked Trent Diesel launched him as one of my leading tops. The guys start kissing and almost immediately their mouths are bobbing on each other’s dicks. Then Dan really macked down on Trent’s fuckable ass as if nothing in this world tasted better. When Trent was relaxed and sloppy wet, Dan sat on the muscle jock’s face riding his tongue. Trent LOVES bottoming so I knew this would be a hard hitting fuckathon. Trent splattered Dan’s chest with cum as he rode the muscle twinks pounding cock, then licked his balls until Dan’s load mixed with what Trent hadn’t already swallowed.

About Trent Diesel: When newcomer Trent Diesel’s submission hit my in-box I knew immediately that I had to book him. He has a great hairy chest, nice arms, abs, piercing green eyes, and an extremely fuckable ass! Plus, he’s a submissive bottom who loves having his butt worked over and abused. He’s a perfect fit for the site. He has done some straight porn in the past with his wife, and this is his foray into the gay market. If you’re looking for someone you can have your way with, even forcibly, Trent’s mouth and ass are ready and willing! Have at him. See Trent Diesel’s first gay experience.

About Dan Decklin: Dan Decklin has been fantasizing about being with a guy for a few years but has never acted upon it, until now, and he wanted to share his first gay experience with you! Dan Decklin said he would bottom when he answered my casting call, so I had my doubts that he had never been with a man and that he was 100 percent straight. When he showed up for the shoot those doubts went away. So unless Dan is an EXTREMELY good actor and liar, you get to watch another virgin get manhandled, give oral, and get fucked. Like most of the truly straight guys who have never done porn, Dan wanted the money. Unlike others, he was very excited about having his first gay experience. While filling out his paperwork I asked him what he thought it would be like to suck his first cock. He said, ‘I’ve thought about it a lot while jacking off, imagining myself licking it and putting it in my mouth, but I really don’t know what to expect or what it will taste like. I always cum when I think about a guy cumming in my mouth, so I can wait for you to cum in mine. I want to taste it. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time.’ When I asked why he’s never had sex with a guy, he said, ‘I know one gay guy, that I know of. We went to high school together but I didn’t know he was gay back then. After we graduated he moved to California. So the opportunity has never really presented itself.’See Dan Decklin exclusively on Drake Rock.

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