Dan Decklin and Kyle Butler in "First Time Fucked"

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About “First Time Fucked: Kyle Butler FINALLY gets cock fucked, and it’s my new power top, Dan Decklin, who pops his ass cherry! This is a continuous action Real Sex video shot non-stop from beginning to end without any edits. I love working with Kyle because he’s a completely unpredictable wild card. I explain the general idea of the scene I want and then Kyle makes it his own, going with whatever he’s feeling in any given moment. Ever since I’ve known Kyle, he’s identified as being bisexual and he’s been saving his A Card, as he calls it, for when he met some special guy in his personal life. A few weeks ago Kyle contacted me saying, ‘I’ve had to admit to myself that I’m not bi, I’m straight, and since I won’t be hooking up with any guys in my real life, you can have my A Card.’ Enter Dan! Literally! There’s just something so fucking hot about watching two straight guys who completely immerse themselves into hot gay action, doing everything from passionately kissing and deep throating cock, to deep-tongue rimming ass and fucking. Dan is one of the few guys I’ve worked with who cums while fucking ass. He fucks the cum out of Kyle, who blows his load all over the sheets while taking it doggie style. Kyle then eat his own cum off the bed and swallows while Dan continues to pummel his hole. Then Dan blasts Kyle’s insides while fucking him deep and hard. Afterward Kyle spins around, pulls the condom off Dan, and swallows the load off Dan’s cock and then empties the condom down his gullet. Cum watch another straight guy taking his first cock!

About Kyle Butler: Introducing Kyle Butler, a kinky adventurous bi curious guy who loves being submission, taking toys deep in his ass, sucking cock, and dirty talk. Except for a lot of toy play, Kyle is an anal virgin, and he wants to lose his ‘A Card’ in real life before getting fucked on camera. The upside is that he just started dating a girl and if she bangs him with a strap on, he considers that losing his A Card, and at that point he’ll come back and let me man fuck his virgin ass 🙂 What I like about Kyle is that he’s extremely creative, carefree, wildly open, and willing to try anything as long as it doesn’t cause permanent bodily harm, so as time goes on I’ll see what limits we can push with this hairy newcomer.See Kyle Butler exclusively on Drake Rock.

About Dan Decklin: Dan Decklin has been fantasizing about being with a guy for a few years but has never acted upon it, until now, and he wanted to share his first gay experience with you! Dan Decklin said he would bottom when he answered my casting call, so I had my doubts that he had never been with a man and that he was 100 percent straight. When he showed up for the shoot those doubts went away. So unless Dan is an EXTREMELY good actor and liar, you get to watch another virgin get manhandled, give oral, and get fucked. Like most of the truly straight guys who have never done porn, Dan wanted the money. Unlike others, he was very excited about having his first gay experience. While filling out his paperwork I asked him what he thought it would be like to suck his first cock. He said, ‘I’ve thought about it a lot while jacking off, imagining myself licking it and putting it in my mouth, but I really don’t know what to expect or what it will taste like. I always cum when I think about a guy cumming in my mouth, so I can wait for you to cum in mine. I want to taste it. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time.’ When I asked why he’s never had sex with a guy, he said, ‘I know one gay guy, that I know of. We went to high school together but I didn’t know he was gay back then. After we graduated he moved to California. So the opportunity has never really presented itself.’See Dan Decklin exclusively on Drake Rock.

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