Brian Briggs in "First Time Swallowing Cum"

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About “First Time Swallowing Cum: Toy and enema and cum, Oh My! Brian Briggs shares three firsts with you today, giving himself an enema, fucking himself with a dildo, and swallowing cum. Previously I’ve fingered Brian and in his personal life women have fingered him and used a small bullet on him, but this is the biggest toy he’s ever taken, and the deepest he’s ever taken it. He’s also never been open to having cum get anywhere near his face, and today he’s eats his own cum for the first time. I have been waiting two years to see something, anything, and Brian’s round muscular ass. I wasn’t sure how he would do since one finger is the most I’ve ever been able to squeeze into his tight ass, and with some effort me managed to take a dildo that is roughly the size of two fingers. Usually Brian’s cum hits his stomach, but with the toy buried in his ass his cumshot hit his upper chest. It was fucking hot! I left as much unedited as possible in this 25 minutes video, making three tiny edits.

About Brian Briggs: Brian Briggs is a straight international rugby player who has gradually broadened his sexual experiences since he first shot with me in 2008!What I love about Brian is that he isn’t a gym rat. His body is scuplted almost entirely by playing basketball and rugby. He is on a professional team, ‘That has done very well internationally,’ he proudly states.There is so much to love about Brian – crystal blue eyes, a bedroom body, a rock solid bubble butt, and those lips! Oh what he could do to you with those lips!Come watch Brian expand his gay horizons exclusively on Drake Rock.

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