Brandon Steel in "Muscle Solo with Toy"

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About “Muscle Solo with Toy: Newcomer Brandon Steel is a body builder with boyish, clean cut and wholesome good looks, and yet there’s a nasty side to him that’s fucking hot! This solo is smokin’ hot, having everything that I love in a solo. And that thing he does in between fucking himself with the toy is, well, Mmm! Watching the video I found myself thinking, ‘I sure hope he…’, ‘Aaw, he isn’t…’, ‘Maybe he is…’, ‘Come on, please?!?’ ‘Oh oh oh, yes he is…’, ‘YES!’ For those of you who like watching the solo guys undress, Brandon starts out fully clothed. If you’re into the guys who like the taste ass, Brandon fucks himself with the toy and then sucks his ass off the toy. Even after he shoots his load, he enjoys smearing the cum in his mouth, and then removes the toy from his ass, smears it around the jizz on his face, and sucks it off. Brandon is from Hungary and speaks no English. He memorized one English phrase, and says it once. Although, he really tried, it’s a bit disturbing. You’ll understand what I mean when you hear it because I left it in, only because he tried so hard to speak English for you. Note The full length video is not underscored with music.

About Brandon Steel: Body builder Brandon Steel is a hot newcomer with a boy next door face, bulging muscular body, and a nice round ass that is built for toy play. Brandon and his straight buddy submitted themselves together, saying that Brandon loves to bottom and would gladly bottom for his friend. His buddy had a great cock and that was about it; I just couldn’t book him. But Brandon was a no brainer, and since he is a big bottom, I had him fuck the cum out of himself with a toy. What surprised me is that Brandon is really into spitting on himself and rubbing the saliva into his skin, cock, balls and ass. I also found it hot that he has a nasty side, shoving the toy up his ass and then sucking the taste of his ass off the vibrator. Being a muscular bottom, Brandon should do well in the industry. Who doesn’t like to see a hot body builder getting his ass plowed?

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