Aaron Styles in "Hook Up"

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About “Hook Up: Aaron Styles stopped by for a visit while I was in town! The twink played with himself so much while we were talking that we did a hook up scene and I banged the hell out of his ass. We moved to the bed, kissing and feeling each other up. Then I got him out of his pants and sucked that big uncut prick, teasing and pulling his foreskin and deep throating him. It was obvious that he wanted to get fucked, so I rimmed his ass, getting him sloppy wet for a good pounding. That got me rock hard and I completely forgot about feeding him my cock, jumping right into drilling his hole. I nailed him in quite a few positions on his back and when I hit him in just the right spot he blew a whopping load as I fucked the cum out of him. Scraping up the jizz I fed it to the little twink fuck. Then it was time for him to service me, working my pole with his tongue and throat, and driving me wild while eating my ass. When I shot my load the insatiable cum glutton kept swallowing the majority of it without savoring it, No worries, you still get to watch the load shoot straight in his gullet.

About Aaron Styles: Aaron Styles has a fuller, rounder ass than any of the guys I’ve previously fucked on the site, and it was a nice change of pace banging him! Plus his has a huge uncut cock, and I love fucking guys with big dicks. This is Aaron’s first video, and although he’s gay and knows his way around cocks, I wanted to be the first to initiate his twink ass into porn. Considering that he’s into hair, makeup and fashion, in person I expected him to be colorful and bigger than life. In reality he’s soft spoken, accommodating and chooses his words carefully. Aside from that, after he warmed up to me he was funny and fun, and I had a blast nailing his ass!

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