Boy Napped

Feelin’ Nasty

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After finding him in an abandoned toilet, Dan brings Jacob back home to show him what a real fucking is. Dan wastes no time in showing Jacob what a proper little slut he is and gets him to worship his fit and toned body. Dan beats him with the flogger and makes him moan in pain before bending him over Continue Reading...
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First Time Boy on Boy

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Straight boy Matt was in for the most degrading experience of his life as Kieron has him tied up and stretched out, unable to resist as another mans tongue is forced into his mouth. Kieron works over Matts body, switching back and forth between the wax and ice to keep his boy on his toes. Matt is forced to spit Continue Reading...
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Tied to the Cross

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Tied to the cross with his arse on display for anyone to use, Lincoln steps up to show Dan what a proper ass pounding feels like. Lincoln works over Dan to get him nice and relaxed before forcing his huge dick up Dans arse and milking his dick until Dan can’t help but throw his load all over the floor. Continue Reading...
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Bend Over and Take It

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Aaron Aurora never looks as good as he does when he’s bound with streams of hot wax running down his fit body. Lincoln takes so much pleasure from pounding Aarons smooth ass before coming around and forcing his throbbing dick down his boys throat. Aarons mouth feels too good as Lincoln is forced to blow his load right into Aarons Continue Reading...
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Caught Out In Gym Class

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After being caught passing notes in gym class, Jacob is punished by his cruel teacher, Mr Jenkins. Jacob is made to count as Mr Jenkins brutally spanks his pupil before changing the position and doing it over again. Jacob is then forced to suck his teachers big cock before being laid down and shown what a real facial is....
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Cute Teen Assholes

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Brutal top Adam Watson gets off big time when he gets the chance to batter cute teens assholes. Taped to the cross, ‘baby face’ Jacob Daniels lies helpless to Adam’s pounding. Deep inside Jacob, this cute twink can do nothing more then scream and moan. Between each brutal anal assault, Adam whips the whimpering lad demanding his punishment be taken. Continue Reading...
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Milked Dry

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After being abused and milked dry, Aaron waited, hoping that he’d be released and his stretched hole would get a rest. But Dan thought it hadn’t been used enough. After bringing the toys back out Dan dives right in and starts working on Aarons hole. All Aaron can do is moan as the toys get bigger, and Dan starts pounding Continue Reading...
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Brutal Asshole

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Buff top Dan Jenson finds innocent teen Jacob Daniels pissed on and left rope cuffed in the abandoned toilets. Horny and feeling nasty, Dan assaults Jocob’s asshole with a brutal fucking. With Jacob almost crying, Dan fucks harder battering the boys hole as Jacob’s head is forced down the toilet hole. Dan’s hard dicks gets oral service as he rams Continue Reading...
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Pushing Peg Play

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Pegs have always been popular on BoyNapped and this scene with newbie London teen Liam Strider and Adam Watson will blow your mind. Hung from the rafters, Liam is powerless to the abuse Adam has in mind. Adam loved dishing out pain and having his boys service him. In this scene Liam takes peg pain to such an extent he Continue Reading...
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Thunder Crack

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Lost for something to do during a thunder storm, Adam decides to ride it out by abusing the buff Dan Jenkins. With him tied and bent over a bar, Dan is in the perfect position for Adam to brutally fuck his fit little ass. Between the cracks of the thunder Adam gives Dan’s hole a rest as he pours hot Continue Reading...
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Strapped To The Cross

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Strapped down to the cross with no where to go, Liam has to endure being worked over by Sebastian and having the most intense knob polishing of his life. Liam is left writhing around as Sebastian dripped and poured wax all over Liams body before going back to rubbing his hard and tender dick. When he thinks he’s had enough, Continue Reading...
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Full Of Cum, Desperate To Explode

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What an incredible teen duo, both twinks and super cute, both very horny, both pumped full of cum and desperate to explode. Aaron Aurora is star tied, unable to move, his dick is hard and twitching for release. Mylo Jordan in his first ever Dom role, teases Aaron with passionate kisses, intermit body contact, hot wax, a soft blow-job and Continue Reading...
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Tied and Left To Wait

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Tied and left in an abandoned toilet, all Jacob can do is sit and wait for someone to save him. Although saving him isn’t what sadistic Adam Watson has in mind. After throwing him about, Adam wastes no time before getting Jacobs hole lubed up and ready to take Adams throbbing dick. Jacobs head is forced into the toilet as Continue Reading...
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Piggy In The Middle

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Adam and Luke decide to share the baby face Aaron as they take it in turns to pound his little hole and ram their dicks down his throat. Suspended from the ceiling Aaron has to endure as the boys peg up his thighs and balls, then add industrial clamps onto his little nipples. As the boys are taking it in Continue Reading...
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Trouble In Pairs

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Poor Aiden Jason, dealing with one Boynapped dom is bad enough, he has to contend with two. Ashton Bradley and Adam Watson waste no time in humiliating the poor lad. Covered in piss and beer his mouth and arse are abused with cocks and toys. The lad tries to fight back but it just gets him in even more trouble....
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