Derek Jones is an absolute beast, on the field and in the sheets. This rugged football star took time away from his married life just to toss the old pigskin… until he got horny. When this muscle stud finished sweating, he rubs out some of that high quality protein he’d only been sharing with one. It’s our turn to have a sip…

Fratmen: Houston

This gorgeous hunk is a true blond, and you can tell by the pale shade of his hair, soft arched eyebrows and golden pubic hair. Houston comes to us in a lovely shower and jerking scene, and it’s a pleasure to watch him as he enjoys the water cascading all over his toned body.


Hanging on by the Thames, trendy young muscle pup JP Dubois gets a call from fetish devil Ashley Ryder, eager to try out his new toy on his unsuspecting friends! Heading to Ashley’s apartment/lair, JP is presented with a challenge in the form of giant blue dildos and a very special machine, looking right him! Read More >>

Fratmen: Cael

Cael is a fresh, young Fratmen who has a fast lifestyle and loves to live in the moment. He loves cars, girls, and of course, sex. Check out every inch of his tanned body in this update. Fratmen Cael has a lean, athletic physique, a little bit of hair in the right places, and an explosive cumshot you have to see! Read More >>

Fratmen Sucks: Jace & Nico

Fratmen Jace and Nico are 2 straight, hot gorgeous guys that are the best of friends… what do they do spending so much time together besides work out and watch tv? Read More >>

Fratmen: Aiden

Fratmen stripped down another handsome jock – a blue-eyed Aidan with a supermodel look. Read More >>

Fratmen Sucks: Neil & Trent

Two duo veterans, Trent and Neil, are together at last. Check out all the hot action from these two ripped jocks.

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